March 29, 2019


Yet to be…

June 11, 2017

Mystical notions dwelled within her mind
Like pieces in a dream
They enveloped her
A puzzle yet to be solved
Secrets yet to be revealed
Stories yet to be written
Memories yet to be made
So many questions
Uncertainties unknown
Longing for answers
Searching for the key
Could she, would she
Take a chance
On what was yet to be?

Barbara M © June 2017

With Closed Eyes…

June 6, 2017

Even with eyes that were closed
Her heart could see
Beyond what it felt
Visions of two as one
Souls entwined, barely moving
Holding her as no other had before
Yearning senses awakening her passion
That had long lain asleep
Reigniting memories
Forgotten in a time and place long past
Longing to feel again
The magic of love
Needing to believe
Wanting to trust
In her heart that saw
Even with eyes that were closed

Barbara M © June 2017

A Christmas Wish

December 22, 2011

Christmas Day is drawing near
Decorations abound everywhere I go
Twinkling lights sparkle in the night
Carols on the radio that make me smile
Looking forward to the morning itself
Seeing the joy in innocent eyes
Little hands busy ripping paper from packages
Delighted on discovering the surprises inside
Sharing special moments with those I love
And remembering those not with me today
The spirit of Christmas brings out our very best
The spirit of love, the spirit of peace
The spirit of kindness, the spirit of joy
The spirit of thoughtfulness and spirit of forgiveness
The spirit of sharing and the spirit of hope
If I could have but one wish this year
It would be for the spirit of Christmas
To be alive every day for all of you I hold dear
And for the spirit of Christmas
To dwell forever in your heart

Merry Christmas!!

Barbara M © December 2011

Daddy’s Girl

June 17, 2011

So many memories over so many years. A most precious gift. Not tied up with ribbons and bows, but forever safely tucked away in my mind and my heart. All the times you took me by the hand and took me skating. You taught me to skate, though I can’t remember that, being as I was not quite two-years old. But I have the pictures. Me bundled up in my snow suit, scarf tightly wrapped around my face and my hands covered in mittens holding yours on a frozen pond, wobbly little legs on my first pair of skates. And every winter we would go skating. Mom sitting safely on the sidelines with a thermos of hot chocolate to warm us up when we got cold. But you skated with us. I used to love watching you glide around the ice. You seemed so fast and made it look so effortless. I wanted to skate just like you and I kept practicing until I could go as fast as you. I remember tobogganing too. You climbing on board the toboggan and racing down the snow-covered hills with us while so many other fathers watched from the sidelines.

Spring and summertime brought other activities. There was always something to do. Picnics and feeding the ducks at the duck pond in High Park. Pushing us on the swings so high we thought we’d reach the sky. Sunday drives outside of the city. Camping trips, whether they be just for the weekend or for when you got your two-week summer vacation. Oh what fun they were. Pitching a tent big enough for all of us to sleep in, in sleeping bags on air mattresses. Telling stories around a campfire at night while roasting marshmallows on sticks we had found in the woods. Swimming in the lake during the day; it mattered not, you were always with us, watching over us, taking part in the activities. I remember the card games we used to play on the picnic table after dinner. Easy ones when I was little. Go Fish and Old Maid. Before long it was Crazy Eights, and eventually Gin Rummy.

The years carried on and we got older. The activities of our childhood being replaced by part-time jobs in high school, parties, dances and hanging out with our friends. It didn’t matter what time we came in at night though, you never fell asleep until you knew we were safely home and in our beds. One by one we started moving out. But we always knew we had a home to come to. And no matter what we needed, if it was in your power to give it to us or do it for us you would.

Looking back I’ve no idea how you found time to spend all the time you did with us. I remember times you worked two jobs. But you always made time for your family. Your wife and your children were what mattered to you. If we were happy then you were happy. Long retired, your children grown, grandchildren to enjoy and still that is what matters to you – us, your family. It is for these reasons, for a lifetime of memories that will always live inside of me that I’ll forever be a daddy’s girl. Happy Father’s Day daddy – I love you xoxo.

Barbara M © June 2011

I Am

March 22, 2011

I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin, a friend and a lover.  I am liked and I am disliked.  I am cherished, loved and adored and so much more.  I am witty and fun.  I am tiresome and boring.  I am pretty.  I am plain.  I am often bright and sometimes not so much.  I have answers to many things and am the keeper of a wide range of facts in my brain.  I question much and have limited knowledge on so many things.  I am passionate and romantic.  I am cold and at times ice water runs through my veins.  I am simple and easy going and as open as a book.  I am complex and difficult and at times hard to understand and not easy to read.  I am a chatterbox with endless thoughts and ideas to share.  I have nothing to say and can be so very quiet at times you will wonder if I’m in the room with you.  I will invite you into my world and share all that I have with you.  I will put your needs above my own.  I will walk away from you and not look back if I must.  I am dreamer and a lover of fairy tales.  I am a realist and see what is truly before me when I choose to look.  I am carefree and happy.  I am deep and soulful.  I laugh at the silliest of things and I cry at the drop of a dime.  My heart is full of love to share.  My heart is empty with nothing to give.  I am confident and strong, sure of myself with each step I take.  I am unsure and I am confused.  I am surrounded by many and I am alone.  I have so much to give and so little to offer.  I am all of these things and so many more.  I am a woman.  I am me.  Who are you?


Barbara M © March 2011

But a Dream

August 5, 2010

You were her favourite dream.  The one she clung to when life was chaotic.  The one she held deep in her heart and soul.  She only had to close her eyes to see you, to feel you.  It was as if you were right next to her.  She could smell your scent; feel your breath on her neck as you held her close.  Every detail of you and the love you shared came to life.  A love so strong and true it was displayed in the simplest of actions.  The way you always reached for her hand, whether walking side by side on a leisurely stroll along the lake, or sitting together on the couch at the end of a busy day.  Shared laughter and whispered secrets.  Gazing into your eyes and seeing the love and desire you had for her.  Her love and desire for you reflecting back from hers.  Your strong shoulders always ready for her to lean on when needed.  And her arms were always open to hold you.  Not a day went by where you didn’t tell her you loved her; or she you.

She loved waking up in your arms each morning after a passion filled night.  How you gently brushed the bangs out of her eyes and greeted her with a morning kiss and tender caress.  Holding her close to you and filling her up with your love.  Separated during the day physically while at work, but still connected through a text message or an e-mail; simple little messages just to say ‘hey darling, I’m thinking of you’, or ‘what do you fancy for dinner?’  Returning home at the end of the day to each other’s arms; sharing a glass of wine and chatting about the day’s events, making plans for the coming weekend.  And always ending the day the way it started, together, loving each other and falling asleep wrapped around one another afterwards.

It was a combination of so many things that made her love you so completely; the larger than life moments and all the little ones in between.  The trust you both had in each other; the way you made her smile and laugh; the always knowing you’d both be there for one another, no matter what – through good times and bad.  Two souls and hearts as one.  You were the one she had waited her whole life for.  Her prince from the fairytales she adored as a little girl come to life.  It wasn’t until she opened her eyes and the cold reality of her aloneness that she realized you were but a dream, and didn’t exist at all.

Barbara M © August 2010