November 29, 2018

left behind
drifting on her own
wondering where did everyone go
what had she done
to cause this void
feeling abandoned 
unsure of the next step to take
but strong in her resolve
a new step she must take 
to erase the ache of being

Barbara M © November 29th, 2018



The Journey

November 9, 2018

It was a long time coming
To get to this place
A journey within a journey
To make it to the start
So many setbacks
Stumbles along the way
Still she kept fighting
Searching for the way
A magic wand would not do the trick
She needed to stand
And find her own path
Shutting out the noise
Of those that would hold her back
She kept moving towards where she needed to be
One foot in front of the other
One step at a time
Resolute and resilient
She would stay the course
And end up where she deserved to be

Barbara M © November 2018



November 9, 2018

Tears ever welling
Longing to escape
Cannot fathom the reason why
So much to be thankful for
A life well lived
So many reasons to smile
Yet emotions run amok
Her insides churning
Eyes vacant and unseeing
Deep heavy sighs
Seeking answers
That are nowhere to be found
To bring some peace
And quell the emotions
The only relief to be had
Are in the tears on her pillow

Barbara M © November 2018



November 6, 2018

She never saw it coming
Not a hint, nor even a clue
When had it changed
His feelings no longer true
Where once had been two
Now became one
A home once happy
Now empty and still
Two hearts that beat as one
Broken apart
Where once were hopes
Lay shattered dreams
Caught completely off-guard
She couldn’t comprehend
Where had it gone bad
Was all that she knew

Barbara M © November 2018