She Wonders

January 14, 2018

Holding herself tightly
Wrapped in memories
She wonders
Those times spent together
Fractions of moments
Words and laughter shared
Fleeting glances
Did they really happen as she recollects
Or was the meaning something else
Did she imagine what wasn’t there?
Or was it something after all
Words on her lips
She dare not say
Questions linger
She dare not ask
Instead she wonders
Wrapping herself in the questions
Locked within her head

Barbara M © January 2018


Two steps forward

One step back

Never getting ahead

To where I’m meant to be

Too few hours

Not enough days

Foggy muddled brain

Can’t make sense

Of the clutter in my head

A pain that will not cease

Slows my already arduous steps

Two steps forward

Sometimes two steps back

Stuck in place

Progression out of reach

Thoughts out of focus

Unsure of what is next

Two steps forward

One step back


Barbara M © January 2018