September 19, 2011

There isn’t just one simple answer
to explain what you mean to me
It can’t be tied up all nice and neat
the reasons I feel the way I do
If I were to simply say…because
I can’t imagine it would be enough
Could you possibly understand?

So many times throughout the day
I feel your presence near
Even when you’re nowhere close
I know you’re always there
When I least expect it but need you most
as if on cue
my phone will ring or you’ll appear
with the words I need to hear
or a hug to calm my fears

The words you speak I know are true,
not just what I want to hear
And even when I may not want to face them
or attempt to push you away
you remain steadfast by my side
It’s as if you know what’s in my mind
and in my heart before I admit it to myself
For these and many other reasons
the love I have for you my friend is

Barbara M © September 2011



September 4, 2011

She stares into the distant space
Like a child
With her nose pressed up against a window
Standing on the outside
Looking in
Yearning to be wanted
To be invited in
Knowing in her heart of hearts
It will never come to be
Somehow her moment to shine
Her time to be
Has passed her by
Never to be captured again
The lights begin to dim
Her eyes grow heavy
One last thought lingers in her mind
That of what she’s become….
….an afterthought

Barbara M © September 2011