If Only

May 25, 2011

If only I had veered to the right
instead of left
when I came upon the fork in the road
and walked a different path

If only I had taken the time
to stop and listen
to the nagging doubts
that resonated in my mind

If only I had not pushed aside
the questions I should have asked
Instead of ignoring
the signs in front of me

If only I had believed in me
instead of trusting the unknown
If only I had not opened myself
to the feelings in my heart

If only I could turn back the clock
to the time before I met you
If only it was possible, I know
I’d take the leap and do it all again

Barbara M © May 2011



May 24, 2011

Sometimes the day will come

When reality rises to the surface

You can’t ignore it anymore

And you know beyond a doubt

That what you’ve been yearning for

Is never going to be

And sometimes the answers were always there

In plain sight for you to see

But you chose to ignore them

In hopes that you were wrong

Maybe if you close your eyes and wish it so

Sometimes it will come to be

But the truth will always get you

No matter how much you hide

So sometimes you need to let go

And sometimes you need to move on

Sometimes you need to realize

He’s just not that into you…and never was at all

Barbara M © May 2011

She lays and she waits

So beautiful and alluring

The webs she weaves

So intricate and inviting

Once in her sight

Her spell she doth cast

Pulling you closer

You can’t help but fall for her wiles

She will not be denied

Her hunger always to be fulfilled

With a paralyzing venom

And a sting that is biting

Forever entrapped

There is no escape

Once bitten by the Black Widow’s kiss

Barbara M © April 2011