Seeking Me

October 20, 2010

Looking all around
Surrounded by familiar sights and sounds
Save for myself
Vacant eyes reflecting back
The stranger I’ve become

Going through the motions
Day by day
On a merry-go-round ride to nowhere
Round and round it spins
No stopping in sight

Distant memories and dreams
Trying to break through the fog
That has invaded my mind
Wondering how I got to this place
Where I barely know my name

Longing day by day
For the light to break through the clouds
Desperately seeking the path
Before I reach the point of no return
That will lead me back to me

Barbara M © October 2010


Embracing the Darkness

October 16, 2010

Safe in a place

Where feelings don’t exist

Surrounded by nothingness

Empty and void

Embracing the darkness

That pierces my soul

The light in the distance

Just beyond my grasp

Too tired to try

Unable to care

Invisible I’ve become

A stranger to myself

Weary and in need of rest

I shut down my mind

Close off my heart

Donning a cocoon

Of darkness

Until the day I am ready to be reborn

Barbara M © October 2010