In Your Arms

July 25, 2010

My head upon your chest

Feeling your heart beating

Against my cheek

Held tight in your arms

Your fingers running through my hair

Soft whispers and gentle sighs

Breathing you in

Never wanting to end

This perfect moment

Needing you always

Wanting you forever

Slowly I drift off

To dream sweet dreams

Wrapped in your love

Barbara M © July 2010

Your Love

July 5, 2010

Wrap me in your sweet embrace

Caress and hold me tight

Feel my breath upon your lips

Followed by a gentle kiss

Breathe me in as I do you

Softly sighing, whispering too

Holding your hands upon my heart

Keeping you close when we’re apart

For me you are the sun and moon

The stars that dot the sky

Your love lights the way for me

When darkened clouds hover nearby

Safely wrapped within your arms

My heart beats next to yours

Two souls enmeshed, we are as one

Your love is home for me

Barbara M © July 2010

Reaching New Summits

July 3, 2010

Recently I had the occasion to be part of a new and temporary work assignment.  A once in a lifetime opportunity.  Though relatively short in duration for myself and those working directly with me, others had been busy preparing for this event for months.  Long arduous hours were put in thinking and planning for every contingency.  As the date drew near meetings were held and training sessions provided so we would know exactly what was expected of us.  But no matter how much information we received, somehow we would leave each day with more questions on our tongues.  What exactly were we up against?  How exactly were we going to complete the tasks assigned to us?  Having been assigned a leader for one of the sites, many of these questions were directed to me.  Often unsure of the answers I would assure my team I would find out and get back to them.  Other times I would impart what limited knowledge I had absorbed and understood, hoping it would suffice for the time being.  Surely by our first night all questions would be answered and everything would fall into place.

Before I knew it the first night arrived.  The excitement and nervousness I felt was palpable.  I arrived at my site, one of many set up to provide a place of rest, a place of relief, a cold drink and a hot meal or a light lunch to those working the main venue.  The relief sites were being run 24-hours a day.  Office workers by day, my team and I were suddenly relegated to working midnights, something many of us hadn’t done in years – if ever.  Having been awake since early Friday morning, that first night was the longest.  As midnight drew close we were only four hours into a 12-hour shift and weren’t sure how we would manage to stay awake till morning.  It was relatively quiet; not as many dropping in as we originally expected.  So we spent the time getting to know one another, sharing stories and a few laughs over several cups of coffee – anything to get through that first long night and stay awake.

The next few nights were much the same; a few more people making use of the site each night, little issues cropping up here and there, unforeseen glitches; decisions having to be made on the spot.  And suddenly all those meetings and training sessions fell into place and made sense.  Light bulbs would go off and we knew exactly what needed to be done.  Those first nights turned out to be a dress rehearsal for the main event later in the week.  By the time the following Friday night rolled around we were more than ready for anything thrown at us.  And as mayhem and chaos took over the city streets around us we went about our tasks, greeting and serving the hundreds that now came through our doors looking for a break, a place to rest, a friendly face and something to eat.  It didn’t seem to matter what roles we had originally been assigned.  We were a team and had bonded during those early nights.  Everyone pitched in wherever needed; no task too great or small.  The long hours worked made more than worth it by the many tired, smiling faces of those we served – so grateful we were there; telling us “thank you”, “thank you for being here” and “great job” over and over again.

By the time the last night arrived it seemed almost surreal.  Eleven long nights and it was finally over.  We were going home, back to our families, friends and day jobs.  The last night was clean-up night.  Putting away all the tables and chairs, sweeping the floors, cleaning the fridges – returning the site we had used to its original state.  And for exchanging telephone numbers and e-mail addresses with new-found friends.  One by one we filed out.  Being the team leader I was the last to leave.  As I took one last look at the now empty space of our site, I smiled with the knowledge that each of us, both individually and as part of a team, had reached new summits.  Our goal had been met, our tasks completed – we were a success.

Barbara M ©July 2010

On the Shelf

July 3, 2010

The stillness of the night is deafening

Swathed in darkness

Thoughts and feelings clouding her mind

Desires unfulfilled; needs unanswered

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Gazing upon a face she will never touch

Lips she will never caress

Arms that will never hold her

Sought out for comfort

For fun and for play

A best friend always

A love never chosen

With a listless spirit

And a weary soul

Watching, waiting and ready to be needed

She places herself back on the shelf

Barbara M ©July 2010